ActiVet®️ Brushes

Brush like a pro with our guide to choosing the appropriate brushes and tools for your pet and techniques for getting great results at home.

FCL Professional Grooming

The ActiVet range of professional brushes are among the most popular and widely chosen brushes in the world and selected as the brush of choice for top grooming salons globally.

ActiVet brushes come in 5 different, durable models suitable for various coat types and breeds of dog and in two sizes, single head for small/medium size dogs and a double-headed brush for large breeds.

The pins on these brushes have smooth, rounded ends for safer brushing helping to protect the delicate skin of your dog while you brush.

Each brush has a fully flexible head which helps eliminate ripping or snagging of the coat and makes brushing easier on your wrist and cuts down on brushing time, great if you own a breed that needs regular or daily brushings like poodles, Labradoodles, Lhasa Apso, Bichons or any double coated breed.  

ActiVet brushes allow you to brush effectively and quickly.

Instructions & Tips for a proper brushing technique

“Making sure you are brushing and combing from the skin out, is the key to an effectively brushed out coat”

Just remember, like all good tools, allow the brush to do the work. Don’t be heavy-handed, use just enough momentum for the pins to reach down to the skin by patting the brush into the coat and pulling the brush down and out of the coat in smooth continuous circles, in and out, in the direction of the handle. You may need to separate longer coats into layers. It is very important to brush from the skin outward, it’s down at skin level where dead and dying undercoat starts to form mats that can develop into a felted coat. If this does happen, it will be too late to save the coat and things will be getting uncomfortable for your pet, prevention is the goal! Always check your work with a metal grooming comb, combing every inch of your pet’s coat from the skin out. If you find that you can’t comb through an area of the coat easily, then just re-brush that area and check again.

“Our Top Tip”

Soak any matted areas in Marsh Mello for a few minutes before de-matting or spray over a coat with heavy undercoat before brushing.

Our No1 Conditioning Product 

To help you condition and detangle your pet’s coat you may want to consider also using a professional solution like Marsh Mellow, a Natural Plant Extract that makes de-matting a tangled coat and conditioning a breeze, especially when paired up with an ActiVet brush. This solution really is incredible and like ActiVet brushes, it is used around the world by top grooming professionals.

Regularly brushing your pet’s coat will prevent problems from forming in the coat. The dead and dying undercoat in may breeds will shed freely from the coat without the help of a brush but some breeds, particularly the wool, wool mix and those with a dense undercoat will require you to remove it, by brushing.

“Brushing your dog has many benefits” 

Brushing helps stimulate the sebaceous glands to release natural oils that keep the coat and skin healthy and in perfect condition. Brushing to the skin allows you to spot any potential health issues too. Best of all you will increase the bond between you and your dog with this kind of regular contact, which is after all, why we keep dogs. If your dog has a short coat, brushing is still necessary to keep the skin healthy, just use a soft brush or a rubber/silicone brush intended for the job.

ActiVet Brushes range from around £44 to £74 at FCL Shop where we are happy to discuss your individual needs and demonstrate their use.

ActiVet Brushes are available to buy from FCL Shop or from the link below.

Redcape Grooming Supplies

Professional quality alternatives are available and as long as you are maintaining your dogs’ coat effectively with an appropriate brush and comb, the results will be the same. Kenchii professional brushes are a fantastic less expensive option and also the choice of pro groomers worldwide.