When light is projected through glass, the ever changing effect goes beyond the aesthetic and breathtaking show of light and shadow is created.

The Aria is designed to create a wonderful symphony of scent, mist and light which creates an aura of relaxation.

The Aria Aroma Diffuser is the perfect way to enliven your home with fragrance colour and light.

Modern, ultrasonic technology is used to diffuse tap water and fragrance or essential oil, into the air in a plume of fine mist and fragrance. Calm the mind, body soul.

The Aria offers visually stimulating light with transitions through the colour spectrum to create a soft, rainbow illumination, through its beautifully crafted frosted glass dome.

Whilst also allowing you to enjoy a vivid colour changing light show, the Aria Aroma Diffuser also allows you to select the light colour of your choice and offers a no light mode perfect for use at night time.

The Aria adds a stunning decorative feature in any living space.

Specifications for Aria Aroma Diffuser:

Product size: 218 x 205 mm
Power: 12W
Water Capacity: 200 ml

RRP: £57.99