Grooming Services

Services Included with every groom

Professional handling by one of FCL’s lovey groomers who are all FCL trained, diploma standard, animal first aiders and chosen for their exceptional caring qualities and skills.

A personal welfare record card will keep track of any skin, health or behaviour concerns updated at every visit.

A ReQual shampoo and conditioning treatment will be formulated for your dog’s individual coat & skin type. The ReQual Technique is a professional world class grooming system like no other, it offers a highly effective solution and provides stunning results and finish. A glowing testament of its success is for the past 5 years 80% of the best in show winners in all the UK grooming competitions were prepared using requal. This system of hygiene solutions is used exclusively by FCL.

Thorough bathing with the HydroBath Pro® for gentle, effective coat cleansing and deodorising incorporating the Requal Technique.

Hand blow and fluff dry using the latest state-of-the-art dryers, coat conditioning products and the Activet® brush system.

Foot pads and hygiene areas are checked and cleared off excessive hair.

Nail cutting.

Eye and ear cleaning with veterinarian-quality products by ReQaul the prestigious canine cosmetics company.

Resilking serum applied to the finished coat. Resilk is a professionally formulated serum to give a natural shine and improve the moisture balance, prevent a build-up of static energy, offer UV Protection and improve elasticity.

Eau de Qual finish. A pleasant unisex Eau de perfume created especially for your pet in Italy. This is a highly delicate professional perfume which is specifically formulated not to interfere with a dog’s natural sense of smell.

Free consultation & coat advice

FCL offers a free consultation where you and your dog can meet us for the first time and have a look & sniff around. Please feel free to bring the whole family! We can advise you on how to best take care of your dogs’ coat and skin for optimal condition and discuss styling options and give you an accurate price for grooming before making your first appointment. We think it is important to know where your dog is going for their grooming needs so that you and your dog feel completely comfortable and reassured. We want you to know that your dog is in caring and qualified hands. Coming to see us for a consultation prior to making an appointment isn’t always necessary, particularly for dogs which need little grooming and styling work, but for those who do this gives us an opportunity to plan ahead and give your pet the individual care, time and attention they may need. If the coat has some mats and tangles to deal with we can then incorporate extra time into the session without disrupting our next customer appointment. If the coat is heavily or severely matted/felted it would be useful for you to read our Terms and Conditions of Service before contacting us in regard to your dogs’ coat being in reasonable condition for grooming.

Terms & Conditions


Interim 'mini-groom' HydroBath and Conditioning

A service especially suited to short haired breeds or for a ‘mini-groom’ on long haired dogs which includes deep cleansing and conditioning with our HydroBath Pro and our world class ReQual formulas, hand drying to remove loose or shedding coat and our sumptuous Re-Silking serum formulated in Italy to give a natural shine and improve the moisture balance in the coat, prevent build-up of static energy, offer UV protection and improve the elasticity. It gives the coat our signature gorgeous smell.  As always nail clipping, pads, hygiene, eye and ear cleaning are standard at fcl.

Puppy introductions

It is really important to introduce your puppy to the world of grooming in the right way! A puppy should ideally be introduced to the salon environment soon after their final vaccinations. We aim to settle your puppy in with a gentle bath, brush & blow dry before trimming around the eyes and feet. We’ll introduce your puppy to nail trimming too. This is just enough of a challenge without being scary. We want your puppy to enjoy coming back to FCL far into the future. Then, on the next visit, your puppy should be ready for a longer stay to trim and style the coat to your specifications.


A Hand-Stripping Specialist will assess your wire-haired breed for suitability for this technique of styling to ensure your dog is comfortable and ready for this method. After stripping we use the finest shampoo available from Italy especially formulated to maintain the harsh wire texture and colour of this speciality coat type and to calm the skin. Nail clipping, pads, hygiene, eye and ear cleaning are standard service at FCL.

Nail clipping

If you are an existing, registered FCL Customer we want to ensure that your dogs’ nails are healthy and feeling great all time. We may not see your dog again for several weeks between grooming. If your dogs’ nails need cutting please call in and ask us to clip nails free of charge. For non-registered dogs, we will trim your dogs’ nails for a nominal fee of £5 and add our Re-Silk protective and nourishing serum to the coat for good measure.

FCL SPA Treatments

Nutri Derm Treatment

For minor skin and coat problems. Our dermal protection and nourishment treatment, for skin and hair is a professional re-balancing  shampoo created to strengthen and provide protective barriers for the skin and hair. Each specialist treatment provides energy to maintain the correct level of control for all the necessary elements of a dog’s skin. Our treatments maintain an excellent balance for every kind of coat, improving the natural defences and increasing natural oils to protect the keratin structure. Contains extract of Willow and by-products of yeasts, which are strongly hydrating factors, to give sustenance and softness to the hair. It produces a protective film that strengthens the skin in natural and propitious conditions to hinder the attacks of parasites without removing the natural oils in the coat with a gentle calming effect on the skin.

Derm-Oil Treatment

For skin problems. A restorative bath-treatment with an oil-based formula. It removes dirt with a gentle and natural cleansing action. It acts in an extremely careful manner to treat and re-stabilise the skin, to cure any anomalies. It restores the normal sebum production, and is excellent in consolidating and treating various irritating phenomena of the skin. Its composition is the result of long years of laboratory studies, and guarantees almost immediate results, even after the very first treatment. Its special formula, which contains vegetable-based surface-active agents, has a sebum- normalising, derma-purifying and hygienic effect on the skin. This treatment is powered with ReExentyal to integrate the care of the skin and hair’s deficiencies in critical situations. It also contains an extract of Seaweed to relax and protect the skin structure, and soy oil to nourish the coat and let the texture shine. A truly wonderful product which gives results.

Biovit-Oil Body Wrap Restructuring & Protective Treatment

A highly professional preparation with strong restructuring action. It works thanks to a special composition of selected oils, which are fundamental in maintaining the keratin equilibrium in the coat. The effect is immediate. After the first treatment, an improvement in the condition of the hair will already be visible. It will appear well-structured, less fragile and more vital. Excellent for all breeds, to prevent and protect against the environment which attack and weaken the pet’s hair. Powered with ReComplex, which supplies all the restructuring substances that are indispensable for keeping the hair healthy and brilliant. It contains apricot-pit oil to give shine, and to hydrate and nourish all kinds of textures.


Limitations of Service

Clipping off heavily matted, felted or neglected coats

Clipping off heavily matted, felted or neglected coats is not a general service offered by FCL. This service is usually reserved for rescue dogs & exceptional circumstances.

Maintaining a dogs coat in reasonable condition is the responsibility of the owner. Please refer to our T’s & C’s of Service from the link below and choose ‘Pricing’ for details and our definition of reasonable condition.

Terms & Conditions


The following information forms, in part, FCL Ltd Terms and Conditions of Sevice.

Your dogs needs for exercise, diet and grooming change from puppyhood to old age. The approach to each of these is important and in the case of grooming needs FCL will adapt to those changing needs. Puppy’s can be very high energy and old dogs limited in their ability to move and be handled. Old dogs may have other health issues to consider and visits for grooming eventually not advisable. These considerations for the individual may affect how much can be safely achieved in one grooming appointment. We will never increase risk to your dogs wellbeing purley for cosmetic reasons. Insistence or complaint regarding these limitations may result in FCL having to refuse grooming services.

Grooming is not without its inherent risks. Your dogs behaviour and temperament are most likely to affect what can and can’t be carried out in a grooming appointment safely. Puppies and old dogs present their own challenges as do dogs which are unacclimatised to the salon environment. In rare cases a dog may be unsuitable for grooming for their own safety. Most of the equipment used in grooming is very sharp indeed. A dog which is over energetic or non compliant may result in potential injury to themselves or the groomer. To limit any risks involved, or to react to any incidents which may potentially occur, all FCL groomers are Diploma qualified, expert dog handlers and trained in animal first aid procedures. Working with dogs is not always as straightforward as you may think, lots of training and ongoing development is involved. We may have worked very hard to achieve the results we have, even if they do not meet your expectations. Insistence to carry out grooming procedures which are unachievable safely or complaint regarding these limitations may result in FCL having to refuse grooming services. This includes where we cannot safely clip your dogs nails. For some dogs, adjustment and acclimatisation to grooming may be a step by step process undertaken at their pace.

Terms & Conditions

Testimonials & Reviews

Kathleen Engle


I travel the world with my assistance dog and could take her anywhere for grooming but I only take her to FURST CLASS LOUNGE!

The shop is modern, chic, tidy, hygienic and safe. Every aspect of your dog’s care has been thought of and accounted for from the moment they walk through the door, to the moment they leave and the finishing touches have been added to their beautifully groomed fur.

They use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques that you will find in few other places.

I’m impressed when the groomers take their time to educate dog owners on the best ways to keep their pets healthy, happy and well groomed.

World class service and talent!

Kathleen Engle

Dave Perkins


Absolute pooch perfection at Furst Class Lounge! Very Knowledgeable and always willing to help and advise when asked. Very freindly staff and only the best products and level of service! Highly recommended!

Dave Perkins

Singer/Actor/Model, Dave Perkins Music



Until we found Martin, Lee and FCL we used to take our little girl elsewhere and she hated it….along with the hack job she recieved there. An initial free consultatin was a welcome change and we’ve now been taking her to FCL for several years. The service and care taken on each visit never waivers. The staff are excellent and the service is A1 and our little girl is a happy bunny. (A new toy at every visit may sway it a little 😄) Thank you for taking such great care. Highly recommended!





Superb service would definitely highly recommend
Lovely guys did a wonderful groom on Tala my Gsd
She looked absolutely beautiful and smelled gorgeous.
They certainly know their profession and love the dogs.
Thank you so much, see you again soon.


John Boultbee


They always spoil Lady. Love em.

❤️ In loving memory of the beautiful and adored Lady. We’ll never forget you – FCL Team ❤️

John Boultbee