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Green & Wild's Eco Dog Toys

Our range of eco toys are made from pure jute and split leather. The toys are twin stitched over four layers of jute, filled with cotton jute rope, waste cotton or a recycled plastic bottle. These toys are natural, renewable and recyclable. Lots of fun shapes and styles to choose from. 

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Nutritious Treats

Fresh from the Ocean 

Why fish? Fish contains high levels of Omega 3 and omega 6, is a great natural protein source and it’s very very tasty to dogs.

Omega 3 is the big one here, it eases tired and stiff joints, it’s great for healthy shiny coats, helps skin conditions, an easy protein to digest which is great for older or sensitive dogs and great for brain development in young dogs

All our fishy treats are ethically and sustainably caught in European waters, mostly the North Atlantic Ocean. Nothing is added or taken away from our fish, it’s simply air-dried to lock in all that fishy goodness. It’s very simple, 100% fish! 

Great for training or just as a healthy snack.

From the Farm

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Venison Joint care super Snacks

Venison Joint care Super snacks. These 100% pure venison snacks with added Glucosamine have been specially formulated to help dogs with joint problems. They are gluten free, hypoallergenic, with no added colours or preservatives

Glucosamine possesses natural anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties and is a natural chemical compound found in your dog’s body which helps keep up the health of its cartilage – the rubbery tissue that cushions bones at the joints. But as your dog gets older their levels of this compound begin to drop, leading to the gradual breakdown of the joint. This Glucosamine supplement snack helps keep up the good repair of these joints and eases joint stiffness.

Venison has fewer calories, less fat and more iron than any other type of meat, provides protein to help build strong bones and muscles, and is very high in B vitamins, phosphorus, selenium, zinc and copper.

They are air dried slowly in bite sized pieces to retain all the nutrients and are produced in the UK.

Healthy Dogs

Antler Powder, Dietary Supplement

Sprinkling some of our Antler powder onto your dog’s food can help to reduce cholesterol. Our Ground Antler Powder comes in a handy sprinkle jar and is made from 100% naturally shed antler. Antler contains high volumes of natural minerals and nutrients that aid circulation and improve metabolism. These natural minerals help bones, muscles and joints, also helping to maintain healthy cells and tissue. It can also help prevent inflammation from arthritis and aids the immune system. Pets love it and they get all the healthy benefits too!  Can be used as an added ingredient in homemade dog biscuits.

Fish sprinkle, Dietary Supplement

Fish sprinkle is a 100% fish, dietary supplement. Rich in all that fishy goodness, omega 3 and fish oils, simply sprinkle on any of your pets meals  to add extra nutrition.

These fishy sprinkles are from responsibly sourced fish, caught off the sunny shores of Cornwall.

Super Salmon Oil, Dietary Supplement

100% Super salmon oil produced from sustainably sourced salmon, fished from Icelandic waters.

Add to a daily meal, to give that health boost!

Cold pressed, this human grade A oil is packed with proteins, vitamins, and is rich in Omega 3 to build and maintain healthy joints, stimulates growth of bone structure and helps provide a beautiful shiny coat.

Heart and blood vessels also benefit from the polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Clean Teeth & Gums

Premium Antler Dog Chews

Our selection of Antler Chews specially designed for puppies, older dogs, ‘lazy’, and hard chewers. See our full selection in-store now.

Olivewood chews

Every dog has a natural need to chew. This often starts when they are puppies, and progresses to chewing our table legs and shoes! Chewing gives natural dental care and occupies the dog. Our Olive Wood chews are a great way for your dog to satisfy his chewing instincts and are available in three sizes.

Olivewood chews are made from annually harvested wood, from managed Olive trees, in “Olivar’s” (Field of Olive tree’s).and are 100% sustainable,


Olivewood is a close-grained wood that is harder than most native woods.

Safe, clean, and tasty chew. Good for dental hygiene. Infused with Olive oil which is good for a healthy coat and immune system. Durable and long-lasting

No artificial  ingredients, 100% natural wood

Suitable For All Sizes – Including Puppies


ChewRoots are a sustainable natural wood dog chew toy. Harvested by hand from tree roots, in protected areas to ensure there is no damage to the root system of the trees or forests, only the tuber of the root is harvested which then sprouts again, making them eco-sustainable. Available in various sizes.

They are limited to a responsible number each year.

Natural Toothbrush

Extremely Durable


100% Untreated


Camel hide chews

Camel hide chews are 100% natural camel chews, hypoallergenic, gluten free and tough ‘n’ tasty.

Simply dried, no additives, bleaching or chemicals are used, making it a great alternative to Rawhide.

Tough chewing helps clean teeth, and great for dogs that suffer from food allergies and intolerances.

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