The Oska aroma diffuser takes inspiration from Nordic and Scandinavian design. Sleek and sophisticated; timeless and traditional, the design is deeply rooted in the sensations of nature.  Natural ceramic gives the feeling of luxury and craftsmanship, whilst the app controlled mood lighting illustrates the phenomenon of natural light shows that are prevalent in the Nordic region. Oska’s aesthetically pleasing, contemporary design, adds a touch of natural elegance to any home and décor.

The Oska aroma di­ffuser has colour changing mood lighting which helps you to relax. This elegant diff­user will scent your living space by dispersing the fragrance of your choice whilst emitting a coloured glow.

Oska also features APP technology allowing you to connect to the aroma diffuser through Bluetooth.

Oska can then be controlled from your mobile device, allowing you to flow through the light colour spectrum, fix the light colour or turn the light off, in addition to setting the mist to continuous, intermittent or off.

The Oska off­ers a range of functions which make it versatile for any setting. The stunning colour changing mood light goes through a range of shades and the light can be paused on your preferred colour so you can delight in the steady glow that emits into your home. To fully immerse you into calm and tranquillity, the light and mist can be used at the same time. For night time, you can also use without the light, to send you into a gentle aroma enriched slumber.

·       Mood light – decorative mood lamp or ideal night light.

·       Intermittent misting mode, ideal for using stronger scents.

·       Auto shut-o­ff, e­ffecting complete safety and ideal for use around children or pets.

Product size: 100mm x 224mm

Voltage: DC 24V

Power: 10W

Water capacity: 100ml

RRP: £72.99