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Inspired by the beautiful Cotswold countryside surrounding the company’s rural studio and workshop in Wiltshire. Our collection comprises a range of original and unique printed linens, Yorkshire tweed and Italian leather, with products ranging from collars and leads to beds.

Where colour and function meet top London canine couture

How to create the perfect harmony between a delightfully scented home, the relaxing benefits of aromatherapy, and pet smells in one simply gorgeous and safe solution….

Professional brushes

The Step-In Harness 

The Anti-Pull Harness

The Tre Ponti Easy Harness

Sliding Control lead with double safety handle:
The first soft padded handle gives a comfortable but firm grip. The second handle (also softly padded) is for use in control or hazardous situations.
This creates a direct contact with the dog.

Using this lead decreases your chance of injury as the force is on your muscles, and not your elbows or shoulders which relieves stress on your joints significantly.

Length: 110 cm
Made in Italy