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Kenchii’s slicker brushes utilize finely polished rounded pins for superb undercoat removal and softer cushioned back pad to reduce brush burn. Slicker brush handles are made from luxurious maple wood with a generous non-slip grip for superior control.

Handle Material: Maple wood
Pins: Polished rounded tip
Pin Backing: Sturdy supple rubber
Recommended for: Undercoat removal and coat slicking

Small, Medium & Large Options

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Small, Medium, Large


The Choice of Professionals

Known for creating the finest and most innovative grooming tools in the world, Kenchii is passionate about producing the finest products in the world with advanced concepts, brilliant designs and unmatched performance.


Brush like a PRO

Brushing dog’s coat is an essential part of grooming for more reasons than just getting knots & tangles out. Regular brushing helps to stimulate the skin’s oil glands for a shiner, healthier coat and also help the dog to relax which in turn can help the dog to trust you more when grooming.

The Kenchii Slicker Brush is available in three sizes and is ideal for small dogs and puppies to the largest of breeds. The pins are designed to gently remove the undercoat and prevent problems forming in the coat. Perfectly suited for double-coated breeds and wool and wool mixed breeds. 

Exceptional Quality

When it comes to tools for grooming dogs, you really can blame your tools. Quality counts and you will need to supply yourself with the best and most appropriate you can get. Otherwise, it will be like hammering nails into a wall with a rubber mallet, it’s just not going to work safely or effectively.

Prevent and Condition

Regular brushing helps you spot any potential health issues with their skin, such as lumps, warts, growths, sores and parasites. Brushing stimulates the sebaceous oil glands and distributes these natural oils over the coat and skin, lubricating the coat, making it shine and easier for you to brush.