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Kenchii Brush

Kenchii’s slicker brushes utilise finely polished rounded pins for superb undercoat removal and softer cushioned back pad to reduce brush burn. Slicker brush handles are made from luxurious maple wood with a generous non-slip grip for superior control.

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Marshmello Dematt


The One Professional Groomers Use

  • MarshMello Detangling and Dematting Spray 250ml
  • Its’ Slippiness Comes From Plants! Use on your bath day to get out tangles and mats easily! Allow sitting in coat about 2 minutes to fully absorb. Then work through ideally with a slicker brush an in a circular in and out motion to break up mats or fluff up the coat.
  • Conditioning for your Dog’s coat.
  • RINSE away following a bath.
  • It works differently from old-style silicones because it’s not silicone.
  • With Marshmallow Root, Aloe, Keratin for lustrous soft fur. Leaves coat with a soft shine. 
  • It Smells Like Marshmallows!

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The Vytronix® HSG1000 Multi-Purpose 1000W Handheld Steam Cleaner is an essential addition for your home cleaning. Powerful and compact, this steam cleaner is as efficient as it is mobile, and is ideal for dog bedding, dog clothes, dog toys and blankets. Use on cookers, tiles, windows, garments and many other surfaces. Steam cleaners don’t just remove surface dirt, they can also kill bacteria and lift stains without using detergents. This is our favourite handheld steamer for durability and effectiveness and is used for sterilising contact areas such as rest cages, pads and water bowls.


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