Luxuriously Effective For Beautiful Dogs!

Our World-Class, state-of-the-art Luxury Shampoos Treatments and Conditioners are added to our HydroBaths as standard for Dynamic and Targeted Cleansing and Restructuring Power.

It’s all part of the FCL Experience Driven by our Passion for the Well-Being of Dogs and to be the Best.

Biovit-Oil Restructuring Treatment

A highly professional preparation with a strong restructuring action. It works thanks to a special composition of selected oils, which are fundamental in maintaining the keratin equilibrium in the coat. The effect is immediate. After the first treatment, an improvement in the condition of the hair will already be visible. It will appear well-structured, less fragile and more vital. Excellent for all breeds, to prevent and protect against the environment which attack and weaken the pet’s hair. Powered with ReComplex, which supplies all the restructuring substances that are indispensable for keeping the hair healthy and brilliant. It contains apricot-pit oil to give shine, and to hydrate and nourish all kinds of textures.

Derm-Oil Restorative Treatment

For skin problems. A restorative bath-treatment with an oil-based formula. It removes dirt with a gentle and natural cleansing action. It acts in an extremely careful manner to treat and re-stabilise the skin, to cure any anomalies. It restores the normal sebum production, and is excellent in consolidating and treating various irritating phenomena of the skin. Its composition is the result of long years of laboratory studies, and guarantees almost immediate results, even after the very first treatment. Its special formula, which contains vegetable-based surface-active agents, has sebum– normalising, derma-purifying and hygienic effect on the skin. This treatment is powered with ReExentyal to integrate the care of the skin and hair’s deficiencies in critical situations. It also contains an extract of Seaweed to relax and protect the skin structure, and soy oil to nourish the coat and let the texture shine. A truly wonderful product which gives results.


For Skin and Hair.

Nutri-Derm is a concentrated treatment created to strengthen the protective barriers of the skin and hair. This shampoo for professional use, provides dermal protection and nourishment. Nutri-Derm creates an excellent balance for every kind of coat, improving the natural defences and increasing its natural oils to protect the keratin structure.

It contains extract of Willow and by-products of yeasts, which are strongly hydrating factors, to give sustenance and softness to the coat. Nutri-Derm doesn’t alter or remove the natural oils in the coat, but it enforces and improves the coat with every treatment. It produces a protective film that strengthens and protects the skin.

Keral-Prof Keratinising Treatment

For Hand-Stripped rough and semi-rough hair (terriers).

The only cleaning shampoo treatment FURST CLASS LOUNGE trusts to maintain the natural texture of wire coated breeds.

Provides shine and a silky texture. Professional conditioning shampoo Treatment. It removes the dirt with a very gentle action. It cleanses without altering the rough and semi-rough texture of the coat.

Excellent for short hair but also beneficial for longer coats. It strengthens the keratin structure of the hair and skin and protects from the environment. Contains surface-active agents based on natural ingredients to avoid weakening the hair during treatment in our Hydrobath. In addition, it restores the keratinisation of the hair. Enriched with egg albumin and saccharin to harden and restructure the coat, provides volume. Regular use of this product provides excellent nourishment and conditioning for the coat. It does not alter the texture of the coat. For breeds with rough coats and applied after Hand-Stripping.

Vital-Prof Treatment

For nourishment, and to assist with complex or tangled coats.

Applied to Wool and Wool-Mixed breeds, such as poodles, Cockapoos and Cavachons.

For restructuring a dry dense coat.

Very concentrated professional shampoo with restructuring and softening action. It provides beauty, has an excellent conditioning effect on coats with long hair and woolly textures, and provides superior care and intense nourishment for the coat.

Its formula ensures assists with the removal of tangles, knots and matted patches in the coat.

Strengthened with ReComplex to restore the balance to damaged hair and skin in long, woolly, easily tangled coats. It doesn’t weaken the texture or remove any natural oils, but each treatment gives the hair more strength. It guarantees an excellent aesthetic effect. The regular use of this product applied with our Hydrobath helps to make brushing and combing the hair easier for our clients at home and enhances the brilliance and shine of the natural colour of the coat.

Prof-Inn Treatment

For very neglected coats.

For hygienic treatment and restructuring.

Professional Shampoo in a very concentrated composition. It effectively removes dirt from coats that have not been cared for properly.

Used in our Hydrobath to clean deeply, and hygienically treat extremely dirty & damaged coats.

Contains in its formula a selection of natural surface-active agents to cleanse the pet’s hair and skin with delicacy and respect; Improved with ReComplex to quickly repair the damaged hair and skin.

Contains the essential oil of Sweet Orange, and Lanoline, to reinvigorate the coat and give it shine and brilliance. It rapidly nourishes and restructures any kind of coat. Strengthens the texture and gives the hair sustenance and elasticity. It hydrates the skin without removing its natural oils.


Exigent is a professional shampoo based on state-of-the-art technology using emulsifiers and solubilisers for dynamic and targeted cleansing power.

This high-quality shampoo contains a combination of special surfactants providing exceptional emulsifying and solubilising power to remove dirt and impurities that are deposited on the cutis and cuticle.

The cuticle is the outer coating of the hair and all kinds of dirt cling to its rough surface, including dust, sebum, airborne microparticles such as smoke and organic debris such as dead skin cells.

Its formulation also contains green tea extract and blueberry extract, rich in polyphenols and antioxidants to help keep skin fresh and young, pineapple extract for an exfoliating action, protein to reconstruct and moisturise hair, and clove oil to sanitise the skin and coat.

The ingenious properties of this shampoo, capable of cleansing the skin and hair at the same time but in different ways, and the appropriate functional substances contained inside it, make it possible to protect, restore balance, and liniment of the skin. This shampoo treatment applied in our Hydrobath provides in-depth hair repair, deep and long-lasting moisturisation, eliminates unwanted odours, provides protection against the sun’s rays; and repels dust.

Riflex Prof

Riflex Prof is a revitalising, cleansing treatment for white coats.

Riflex Prof helps restores colour, with an anti-yellowing effect. Professional concentrated shampoo with a whitening and polishing effect. It cleans deep without removing the natural oils.

Excellent for revitalising the textures of white, black and tan coats, whilst preventing yellowing.

Powered with ReExentyal to quickly balance the insufficiencies in the coat and skin during the bathing treatment; – Regenerates the hair and gives natural volume to the coat.

It makes brushing and maintenance of the coat extremely easy. Does not contain any hydrogen- peroxide, nor does it contain any elements which are chemically noxious for the hair and skin.

Excellent for frequent bathing.

ReSilk Serum

An incredible product. Its unique and unchallenged formula improves both the shine and texture of the coat. It gives a natural shine and improves the moisture balance in the coat. ReSilk Serum Oil prevents the build-up of static energy, offers UV protection, improves the elasticity and volume of the coat, helps prevents tangles and provides the ultimate finishing touch to the coat.

A natural product and applied to all FURST CLASS LOUNGE Dogs for an extra special finish.

Professional Oto Ear Fluid

Ear Cleanser

Oto fluid is a refreshing solution to soothe the itchiness and inflammation of the auricular canal. It keeps ears in optimal condition and protects it from external agents.

Hydrocol 5 Eye Cleanser

Hydrocol 5 is a very high concentration of vegetable extracts and distilled water and may be used inside the eye and in the surrounding areas, thanks to its natural origin and structure.

This treatment relaxes the site of the tear ducts and lessens the reddish discolouration in the ocular drainage area. Completely safe and can be used as often as needed.