Covid-19 Latest

We will remain current and adaptable in our approach to safety and hygiene. Protecting every Furst Class Lounge guest and ourselves will be our continuous priority.



Opening Hours *

Tuesday to Saturday

10.00 am – 5.30 pm

Appointments are required except for all retail services

The Government has confirmed that face coverings will become compulsory again on public transport and in shops across the country in order to help prevent the spread of the new COVID-19 Omicron variant in the UK. Please wear your face-covering when visiting FCL. * Opening hours may vary due to changing staffing levels or restrictions due to Covid-19

Professional dog grooming and Home Grooming are a preventative measure to preserve the health and welfare and prevent discomfort and suffering. Please do not wait until your dog’s coat is in matted or poor condition before seeking treatment from a professional and qualified groomer. 

We abide by the Animal Welfare Act 2006. We aim to educate our customers regarding responsible pet ownership and coat care through guidance and advice. Anal glands are checked for a healthy appearance only. It is the responsibility of your Veterinarian/Vet Nurse to inspect anal glands to ensure proper function and health. 

Please note, Dogs that are received into the salon demonstrating evidence of lack of adequate/reasonable care and attention (i.e brushing to prevent a matted coat) over three appointments (giant breeds over two appointments) will no longer be accepted. This would go against our personal and professional code of practice regarding the pet owner taking reasonable steps to ensure their animals’ welfare needs are met. 

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to accommodate new appointments for large and giant breeds. Please click here for further information.

There remains no evidence that pets can transmit Coronavirus to people.

The most likely risk of transmission is contact between an infected person or a self-isolating household. As a professional organisation, risk assessment business practices are in place. Furst Class Lounge will frequently review risk assessments for the protection of staff and clients.

The risk of transmission between infected people (clients and staff) and risk assessment protocols remain in place. 

Please refer to our COVID Check-in Rules and Social Distancing Information further down, on this page.

Furst Class lounge benefits from a spacious salon, where multiple dogs’ can be accommodated in custom-built, industry-leading, veterinary holding systems which can safely and comfortably house the smallest to the largest of breeds. Our accommodation cages, constructed from the highest-quality polypropylene, allow natural light to enter are warm and with quiet marine-grade aluminium doors and smooth disinfected surfaces are the safest system for housing your pet. 

Furst Class lounge has adequate parking spaces and an area outside the salon where we can safely check you in, from your car, if necessary. Only one person at a time may enter the reception area where strict social distancing rules and face coverings are required.

We have the latest technology in contactless payment systems for your convenience. You can also pay directly from your car with our portable contactless payment devices. You may pay by phone or bank transfer if you wish.

Thank you, we look forward to welcoming you back to Furst Class Lounge soon!

Warmest regards,

Martin, Lee and the FCL Grooming Team


COVID Check-in Rules and Social Distancing

If you are feeling at all unwell, please do not visit FCL and call us to rearrange your appointment, when you can. All appointments missed ‘No-Shows’ are subject to a £15 no show fee of £15 per dog where less than 24 hours notice is given.

We kindly ask that you arrive on time for both drop off and pick up. We operate on an appointment-only basis. Nail trimming does require an appointment while we operate at full capacity throughout the Winter.

Please wait for your message or phone call to pick you your dog and be aware that the grooming process may take longer due to Covid-19 procedures and staffing restrictions so your patience is very much appreciated.

On arrival for grooming appointments, please bring your dog with the minimum of restraint attire where possible.

De-matting a neglected coat will take place at our discretion and where required for the immediate welfare of the dog. This is due to FCL working at full capacity with extra procedures in place for disinfecting and working to a tight schedule.

Should we find that your dog’s coat has become matted/felted, your dog may need CLIPPING OFF/SHAVING OFF. We highly recommend a short clip at this time to make the haircut last longer in the event of any further disruption and cancellations to a resurgence or second wave of Covid-19. A second follow up appointment may be required if we cannot complete your dog in the allocated appointment time.

We have procedures in place to safely accept payment in all forms, whether you prefer to pay by cash, card, contactless or Apple Pay. We now also accept American Express.

We would like to thank everyone for your continued support and cooperation.

Martin & Lee x x


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