Our return

What we Do Best

The world has changed and we have changed with it. We will remain current and adaptable in our approach to safety and hygiene. Protecting every Furst Class Lounge guest and ourselves will be our continuous priority.


We Can Do This

Social distancing has become the new normal for all of us. This will impact on how we work and the way we receive dogs and customers into our business.

Plan of Action

As with many other companies we need to open our business to survive but we only have one opportunity to get it right, there are no second chances. The health risks of premature opening are clear. On a company level, it could risk the health of our customers and our employees and on a community level, it could contribute to a possible second wave of COVID-19 infections. This is not a decision we or any other business can make lightly.

The phased re-opening of businesses at this stage remains provisional and could lead to a second outbreak.

All being well, our next step is to provisionally re-open on the 2nd of June.

To prepare for this we have now contacted every client with a cancelled appointment from the 23rd March. We do appreciate your patience and for bearing with us while we worked on this task. If you did not have an appointment booked in please contact us on 07595 899582‬ or through our help widget on our website. We will aim to make you an appointment as soon as possible. The salon phone is not recording while we are closed.

If infections are reintroduced due to the easing of restrictions and further lockdown is required we will update you again at that time on our website and social media.

COVID Check-in Rules and Social Distancing

If you are feeling at all unwell, please do not visit FCL and call us to rearrange your appointment, when you can.

The minimum 2-metre distance rule applies. We will continue to limit access to one customer, if you have more than one dog, please bring one it at a time from your car or ask for help.

We kindly ask that you arrive on time for both drop off and pick up.

Please wait for your message or phone call to pick you your dog and be aware that the grooming process may take longer due to Covid-19 procedures and staffing restrictions so your patience is very much appreciated.

We politely ask that you keep your time spent in the shop to a minimum to allow others to enter or leave.

Please wait in reception and do not enter the salon area.

On arrival for grooming appointments, please bring your dog with the minimum of restraint attire for quick removal. We will place your dog on a disinfected slip lead before taking them through to their accommodation.

You will take your lead, collar or harness home with you. Please remember to bring these back with you when collecting your dog.

Because of a large number of dogs needing our attention due to the lockdown we cannot de-matt dogs.

Should we find that your dog’s coat has become matted, your dog will enjoy a short spring clip, we highly recommend a short clip at this time to make the haircut last longer in the event of any further disruption and cancellations to a resurgence of Covid-19 as well as the much warmer weather.

We will be wearing PPE for our own and your protection during this time.

Your dog will be handled with full PPE by one of our fully trained groomers until safely and completely washed and cleaned.

All dogs are required to be bathed by us before grooming due to evidence that a dog’s coat could act as a surface for coronavirus. No home bathing is required.

We have procedures in place to safely accept payment in all forms, whether you prefer to pay by cash, card, contactless or Apple Pay. We now also accept American Express.

We have now returned over 500 calls and messages to rebook or book future appointments and we would like to thank everyone for your support and cooperation.

Martin & Lee x x