T’s & C’s and Limitations of Service


All Prices published on our breed price guide assume a reasonable condition and temperament.

Reasonable condition refers to the general condition of the coat and skin. Please see the section below on coat condition. A healthy, well cared for dogs coat should be brushed or maintained to meet the demands of the coat type and breed. Many coat types require time, consistent effort and appropriate tools to be maintained correctly. Skin conditions can be evaluated for suitability for grooming on an individual basis.

Temperament refers to behaviour. Physical behaviour: energetic, lethargic, aggression/biting and state of health. Psychological behaviour: fear, anxiety and level of social conditioning.

Additional charges will apply for the extra time, products and equipment involved in de-matting unmaintained coats and for dogs whose, temperament or health also requires more time to complete. Aggressive dogs are not accepted.  As a salon which champions Responsible Dog Ownership, we may decline service to remove (Clip off/shave off) matted/felted coats due to owner neglect, conditions apply.

The health and condition of a dogs coat and skin are the responsibility of the owner (along with its socialisation, training, physical and psychological state of health.) Professional grooming plays an important role in the commitment undertaken when choosing any breed of dog. This level of commitment is evident in the condition of the coat due to effective home grooming and temperament due to socialisation & training.

We can arrange an appointment to meet the owner and dog for a free consultation before the first grooming appointment to assess condition and temperament. A health check and coat assessment are always carried out prior to each grooming session with the owner or carer present or we will contact you if the coat is found to be in a neglected condition once grooming commences.

Final Price

This will be determined by taking all factors into consideration. A well-cared-for dog, which is maintained in a reasonable condition between grooming appointments and exhibits normal behaviour, is usually the price shown in our Price Guide. All dogs and puppy introductions are assessed and priced individually and on an on-going basis.

If we cannot safely complete your dog within the guidelines of the animal welfare act 2006 due to behaviour, aggressive or otherwise, we will call you to let you know. Fee’s will apply.

If we have bathed and dried your dog a £25 charge will apply, if not a £15 charge will apply. If this is the case, behavioural training is normally recommended as a course of action for you to take.

No Shows/Missed Appointments without 24hrs notice will incur a fee of £15.00 payable at your next appointment.

Arriving 30 minutes or more late for appointments will, in most cases, require re-scheduling and a missed appointment fee of £15.00 may be applied.

Coat condition

Grooming services assume a reasonable condition and temperament.

Reasonable condition refers to the general condition of the coat and skin. Please see the section below on coat condition. A healthy, well cared for dogs coat should be brushed or maintained to meet the demands of the coat type and breed. Many coat types require time, consistent effort and appropriate tools to be maintained correctly. Skin conditions will be evaluated for suitability for grooming on an individual basis with the support of your veterinary professional in severe cases.

Temperament refers to behaviour. Physical: energetic, lethargic, aggression, biting and state of health. Psychological: fear, anxiety and social conditioning.

Neglected (lack of effective brushing and maintenance) resulting in a heavily matted or felted coat.

Effective brushing (routinely brushing the entire coat with appropriate tools from the skin out) of long/double-coated and wool breeds, in particular, can only be achieved through daily or regular care. Neglecting to brush effectively for one week or more will result in mats forming in the coat. This is an essential part of the owners taking responsibility for the health of pets in their care.

Severe matting/felting can be painful to your dog during brushing.  Brushing only causes live hairs to be pulled out of the skin with excruciating pain. Even mild matting can cause your pet a great deal of pain. Matting can cut off blood supply to extremities, and deny regular air circulation in severe or prolonged cases. Skin denied fresh air and stimulation from regular brushing becomes quite unhealthy and provides optimum conditions for fungus, bacteria & parasites.  It can turn dark pink to red, and open sores are able to form emitting foul odours. Even organic matter, like grass seeds and sticky buds, can become embedded in the skin. Matted coats have been known to contain excrement of the pet and even fly larvae that further irritate the skin. Remember, sometimes these mats and their consequences can be completely hidden from view. If the coat has become felted it may appear that you are brushing to the skin but in fact you are only brushing to the compacted hair accumulating on the skin. This is a severely neglected coat.

Some severely matted pets may require the attention of a veterinarian.

Dogs are our passion, we take responsibility for their care seriously 

Your dogs need for exercise, diet and grooming change from puppyhood to old age. The approach to each of these is important and in the case of grooming needs, FCL will adapt to those changing needs. Puppies can be very high energy and old dogs limited in their ability to move and be handled. Old dogs may have other health issues to consider and visits for grooming eventually not advisable. These considerations for the individual may affect how much can be safely achieved in one grooming appointment. We will never increase the risk to your dogs’ wellbeing purely for cosmetic reasons. Limitations in this respects will be fully explained. Insistence or complaint regarding these limitations may result in FCL having to refuse grooming services. See limitations in the drop-down menu below for further details.

If your dog has a neglected heavily matted or felted coat, or any other acute condition that has yet to be assessed, please visit your veterinary practice for advice on skin condition and general health and then have the coat removed/clipped off before visiting FCL. After which we can offer advice and work with you to ensure the coat and skin are kept in optimal condition as the coat regrows. If you think your dog is unfit for grooming for any reason, please call us prior to your appointment and we will be more than happy to re-arrange.

An exception will only be considered to clip off/shave off if immediate action is required for the welfare of the animal in the case of severe matting and felting whether partial or entire and then only with consensual permission by a signed Furst Class Lounge Ltd consent form and subject to time/appointment availability. This will add considerably more to the cost of grooming and will only be considered if the dogs’ temperament is suitable to complete the procedure without causing stress, suffering and discomfort. We reserve the right to take photographs and video of neglected coats, while dogs are in our care, keep shaved off coats and to decline service at any time. If you have neglected to brush your dogs’ coat FCL will inform you of the fact in plain terms for your understanding of the situation. This is intended as educational development in recognition of the responsibilities of pet dog ownership. It is never our intention to cause offence by refusing service or giving feedback.

By signing your customer record card you agree that the groomer (Furst Class Lounge Ltd) cannot be held liable or responsible for irritation, abrasion, patchiness or hair loss due to any pre-existing skin condition or as a result of the process of grooming, de-matting, thinning or stripping or shaving. The groomer (Furst Class Lounge Ltd) can not be held responsible for veterinary costs for these or any other reason due to owners neglect in maintaining a healthy coat and skin.  If your dog attempts to bite the grooming process will be stopped and grooming up to that point will require payment. Further details in respect of your consent to groom can be found on your customer record card.

Appointment times

You must be at least 18 years old to register or check a dog into FCL for grooming appointments

We kindly request that you arrive at the time of your appointment and pick your pet up in a reasonable time once we have informed you that your dog/s are ready for collection.

Once 1 hour has elapsed after notification of completion has been given, or the arranged pick up time, a £10 charge per hour will be added to the final price unless previously arranged for the care and observation of your dog/s. This is to discourage pets being left with us for extended periods possibly resulting in stress and anxiety.

No Shows/Missed Appointments without 24hrs notice will incur a fee of £15.00 payable at your next appointment.

Arriving 30 minutes or more late for appointments will in most cases require re-scheduling and a missed appointment fee of £15.00 is applied.

Complaints Policy and Limitations

Please ensure that you are clear in regard to any changes or adjustments to your dog’s groom at check-in, we are always happy to discuss the style and length in detail to establish your requirements.

Refunds are assessed on an individual bases and will exclude costs for completing hand-stripping, bathing, coat preparation and accommodation.

Please check that you are satisfied with the grooming of your dog before leaving the salon. 

This is so any adjustments can be made where possible before leaving us. It is our salon policy not to offer refunds for grooming where clients leave the salon having appeared pleased with our services or without first discussing any issues with regards to finish and styling, including the length of coat and style requests.

Affable requests to make adjustments regarding grooming should be reported within 48 hours of your visit so that we have the opportunity to assess and correct any issues you may have. Issues reported 7 days or more after your appointment cannot be rectified or assessed due to coat regrowth. If you have changed your mind and want the coat shorter than you requested at check-in, we can only address this at a future grooming appointment, where normal grooming charges will apply.

If we receive a complaint or feedback in a timely and affable manner we will do our utmost to rectify any issues with regard to grooming services, refunds, replacements or retail services as quickly as possible. Your complete satisfaction is always our goal.

In most cases, corrections or adjustments are easily made to groomed coats to ensure you receive the style and balance you require for your dog. We work extremely hard to ensure this is the case while working within our strict policy for the health, safety and wellbeing of your dog. This is always our priority.

Limitations due to behaviour and/or condition

Before contacting FCL to voice any complaints or issues in the respect of detail, finish or styling your dogs’ coat please consider the limitations that may affect grooming. These may be evident initially at a free consultation or may develop over time. We will endeavour to advise you on an on-going basis if we encounter issues with your dogs’ coat and skin condition or behaviour which may impact on our grooming procedures. Please refer to the ‘Pricing’ section above for further clarification and definition of condition and temperament.

Grooming is not without its inherent risks and limitations. Your dogs’ behaviour and temperament are very likely to affect the extent of what can or can’t be completed safely. Puppies, senior dogs and large/giant breeds present their own challenges as do dogs which are unacclimatised to the salon environment. In rare cases, a dog may be unsuitable for grooming for their own safety. Most of the equipment used in grooming is very sharp indeed. A dog which is over energetic or non-compliant may result in potential injury to themselves or the groomer. To limit any risks involved, or to react to any incidents which may potentially occur, all FCL groomers are Diploma qualified, expert dog handlers and trained in animal first aid procedures. Working with dogs is not always as straightforward as you may assume. We may have worked very hard to achieve the results we have, even if they do not meet your expectations. Any insistence to carry out grooming procedures which are unachievable safely or complaint regarding these limitations may result in FCL having to refuse grooming services. This includes where we cannot safely clip your dogs’ nails. For most dogs, adjustment and acclimatisation to grooming is a process undertaken at their pace. It can’t and shouldn’t be forced on an unwilling dog, this would only serve to underpin existing fear and anxiety. Procedures on unwilling dogs (to the extent of putting themselves in danger) such as nail cutting and coat removal due to matting which is absolutely necessary for the welfare of the dog, should be supervised or undertaken at a veterinary practice. Your veterinarian can then control and minimise the risks to a dog both physically and psychologically. Remember that as soon as your puppy has received his or her final inoculations, they can be introduced to grooming. See our puppy introduction section. This can help enormously in avoiding any potential fear or anxiety associated with separation and grooming procedures. Choosing a puppy from a reputable experienced breeder, appropriate training/socialisation and an early introduction to grooming and home grooming will result in a calm, well-adjusted dog which is happy in almost every situation.

The manner in which we receive any complaint under the above circumstances will determine the manner in which we respond. We hope we have your understanding in this respect. If it is probable that we do not, future grooming services will be withdrawn. This is far from being unkind, we are putting your dogs’ safety and wellbeing first and foremost and cannot be coerced into putting any dog at physical or psychological risk.

Our mission is to make a difference to the welfare of dogs while in the trusted care of professional groomers everywhere. We appreciate that you always have a choice when selecting a groomer for your dog. Our aim as a professional training centre is to increase the number of quality groomers who are available to you. Quality is caring for your dog’s entire needs, especially when no one is looking. Our mission as a grooming salon is to promote responsible dog ownership through partnerships and cooperation with our customers. We keep ourselves well informed and our customers well advised, working together to ensure your dogs’ welfare needs are fully met.

We aim to maintain a positive, honest, happy and balanced workspace. Negativity or aggression towards staff, intolerance and discrimination will be denied access to FCL

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FURST CLASS LOUNGE Ltd reserve the right to amend these terms, conditions of service and pricing without prior notice.

Our Code of Practice and Animal Welfare Needs

We abide by sector-specific charters to demonstrate good practice in compliance with the Animal Welfare Act 2006. Our aim is to surpass the standards and educate the public regarding responsible pet ownership through guidance and advice. Anal glands are checked for a healthy appearance only. It is the responsibility of your Veterinarian/Vet Nurse to inspect anal glands to ensure proper function and health. 

Please note, Dogs which are received into the salon demonstrating evidence of lack of adequate/reasonable care and attention over three appointments (giant breeds over two appointments) will no longer be accepted. This would go against our personal and professional code of practice regarding the pet owner taking reasonable steps to ensure their animals’ welfare needs are met.

Privacy Policy

For full details of our current Privacy Policy please select the link below. When signing your customer record card upon registration you agree that FCL Ltd may use this information for internal use and storage, record card or electronically on our customer database system. This information is not shared and will only be used to contact you in regard to a current or future appointment/s.

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