Price Guide

Our service includes a free consultation to meet you and your dog. We can talk about your expectations and assess your dog for accurate pricing.

All Prices shown assume a reasonable condition and temperament. The final price* will be assessed on an individual basis due to no two dogs having the same coat condition and will vary in their home maintenance and grooming between appointments, which may add to the cost of grooming.

Gundog Group

Hungarian Wire-Haired Vizsla from £60

Italian Spinone from £70 (clipped)

Pointer – German Smooth from £45

Pointer – German Wire Pointer (Stripped) from £70

Retriever – Flat-Coated from £55

Retriever – Golden from £55

Retriever – Labrador from £45

Setter – English, Irish, Gordon from £55

Spaniel – American Cocker from £55

Spaniel – Clumber from £55

Spaniel – English Cocker from £55

Spaniel – Working Cocker from £50

Spaniel – Welsh Springer from £55

Spaniel – Springer from £55

Working Group

Akita from £100

Alaskan Malamute and Malamute Cross Breeds from £120

Bernese Mountain Dog from £120

Boxer from £45

Briard from £70

Bull Mastiff from £50

Catalan Mountain Dog from £90

Doberman from £50

Great Dane from £60

Husky (Siberian Husky) and Husky Cross Breeds from £120

Newfoundland from £120

Rottweiler from £65

Russian Black Terrier from £120

Schnauzer – Giant from £80

Samoyed from £80

Hound Group

Afghan from £80

Bassett from £45

Beagle from £40

Dachshund – Miniature Long from £30

Dachshund – Miniature Wire from £40

Dachshund – Miniature Smooth from £30

Dachshund – Standard Long from £40

Dachshund – Standard Wire from £55

Dachshund – Standard Smooth from £30

Greyhound from £45

Ibizan from £45

Lurcher from £45

Saluki from £45

Sloughi from £40

Whippet from £35

Irish Wolf Hound from £75

Utility Group

Boston Terrier from £25

Dalmatian from £40

English Bulldog from £40

French Bulldog from £30

German Spitz from £65

Japanese Akita from £100

Lhasa Apso from £45

Poodle – Toy from £45

Poodle – Miniature – from £55

Poodle – Standard from £90

Pug – from £28

Shar-Pei from £50

Shih Tzu from £45

Schnauzer – Miniature from £45

Schnauzer – Standard from £60

Tebetan Spaniel from £45

Clipping Off a Matted Coat

If your dog’s coat has been assessed and for humane reasons needs clipping/shaving off and we agree to perform the removal procedure, a minimum charge will apply of: 

£70 for toy/small breeds

£120 for medium size dogs

Large dogs will carry a minimum charge of £190

Toy Group

Australian Silky Terrier from £40

Bichon Frise from £50 (pet trim)

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel from £40

Chihuahua Smooth from £25

Chinese Crested Powder Puff from £45

Chinese Crested (Hairless) from £25

King Charles Spaniel (drop coat) from £45

King Charles Spaniel (clip coat) from £45

Maltese from £45

Pomeranian from £35

Yorkshire Terrier from £35

Terriers Group

Airedale from £80

Australian from £40

Bedlington £55

Border Terrier (Hand Stripped) from £55

Cairn from £45

Dandie Dinmont from £45

Fox from £60 – £70 (Hand Stripped)

Glen of Imaal from £50

Irish from £55

Jack Russell Smooth-Haired from £25

Kerry Blue from £65

Lakeland from £50

Norfolk from £55 (Hand Stripped)

Norwich from £55 (Hand Stripped)

Parsons Jack Russell from £45 (Clipper Trim)

Scottish from £45 (Clipper Trim)

Sealyham from £45 (Clipper Trim)

Staffordshire from £40

Soft Coated Wheaten from £55

Welsh from £60-£65 (Hand Stripped)

West Highland White from £45

Pastoral Group

Belgian Shepherd Dogs from £65

Bearded Collie from £65

Border Collie from £55

Bouvier des Flandres from £90 (Clipper Trim

German Shepherd Dog from £70

Old English Sheepdog from £100

Pembroke Welsh Corgi from £45

Cardigan Welsh Corgi from £45

Rough Collie from £70

Popular Cross Breeds

Labradoodle/Goldendoodle from £70

Small Labradoodle from £50

Cavapoo/Cavachon from £50

Cockapoo from £50

Med/Large Cockapoo from £55 – £60

Husky/Alaskan Malamute from £120

Puppy Introductions

Short-coated breeds from £25

Long or wool/wool mixed breeds from £35

*Final price 

This will be determined to take all factors into consideration including the condition of the coat and skin, your dog’s temperament/behaviour and size of your dog. In the majority cases, a well cared for pet dog which is maintained between grooming appointments is usually the price shown in our guide, however, all dogs are assessed on an individual basis prior to each appointment. If we cannot safely complete your dog within the guidelines of the animal welfare act 2006 due to his/her general or aggressive behaviour we will call you to let you know. If we have bathed and dried your dog a minimum £25 charge will apply for small/medium size dogs and a minimum charge of £35 for large dogs, if not a £15 charge will apply. If this is the case, professional behavioural training is normally recommended as a course of action for you to take. Hand Stripping quoted on an individual basis after your free coat assessment and consultation.

Please Note:  FCL do not clip off severely neglected, matted & felted coats with unacclimatised, nervous or fearful dogs. Please see your veterinary nurse/practice for advise on skin condition and general health if this is the case and have the coat removed before visiting FCL, after which we can offer advice and work with you to ensure the coat and skin are kept in optimal condition.

If your dog’s coat has been assessed and needs clipping/shaving off and we agree to perform the removal procedure, a minimum charge will apply of £70 for toy/small breeds, £120 for medium size dogs and large dogs will carry a minimum charge of £190. Before we complete the procedure to remove the coat the owner will be required to sign and agree to terms of service in addition to those on your customer record card.

If your dog is found to have fleas a £15 containment and treatment charge will be added to the final price.