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Grooming Training

Begin with our Day Taster to gain an insight into the real world of grooming dogs. This will help you decide if dog grooming is in line with your expectations. Having completed our Day Taster, the next step would be to enrol on our In-House Training Course to gain experience and confidence.

Training and Day Tasters take place Wednesday to Saturday.

Day Taster Course

Dipping your toes in and discovering more about the grooming industry. This day course can be utilised to gain an insight into grooming your own dog, a specific breed or help you decide if professional grooming is suitable for you.

In-House Grooming Course

Tailored to the individual seeking to complete a comprehensive dog grooming course without the need for formal qualifications or assessments. This course focuses on practical training to gain experience and confidence in preparation and grooming techniques.

Open College Network West Midlands LEVEL 3 Certificate in Dog Grooming (Beginners Course)
Open College Network West Midlands LEVEL 3 Dog Grooming Diploma (Experienced Course)

The population of dogs kept as pets in the United Kingdom was estimated at 12.5 million in 2020/21. The UK spends £10 billion a year on their dogs.

The market is demand-driven and competitive but can be highly rewarding to those who know their market and understand how to stand out from the crowd. If you want to make a good living with a flexible work-life balance and get a rewarding return on your investment you need to learn from those who have ‘walked the walk’.

FURST CLASS LOUNGE has the skill, resources and experience to guide you in a world where professional dog grooming is about so much more than making dogs look and smell nice. You will need to meet the high demands of an industry where owners are discerning ‘pet parents.’ The wellbeing, safeguarding and pampering of their pets are as important as their own or any other member of their family.

Helen. Successful graduate and owner of Furst Impression.

Become a Dog Groomer

Professional dog grooming is a rapidly expanding industry that provides steady employment or a rewarding business opportunity.



Where to start… I knew I wanted to complete a grooming qualification but where? That’s when after a quick search I came across furst class lounge training centre. With it being a five-minute drive from my house and I was able to pick days around family life it was a perfect fit. Lee and Martin and absolutely incredible at what they do. As are Chloe and Alyssa. There’s no question too stupid they won’t answer! With such a relaxed atmosphere in the salon, my nerves were quickly put at ease. Not only were Lee and Martin there every second of the way to train me to groom to a high standard but they also gave me advice on starting a salon from home. Their experience and knowledge are invaluable. Having passed my course a few days ago I feel a little lost not seeing them every week! But here’s to an exciting adventure thanks to furst class lounge. If you are considering a career in grooming do not hesitate to contact them. You won’t regret it xxx


Adele Cotton - OCN LEVEL 3 Certificate in Dog Grooming (Beginners Course)

Professional Groomer, January 2022

Having recently finished my 8 Day In House Grooming Course with FCL my confidence and training has grown & grown. The professionalism, experience, support & encouragement both Martin & Lee provided throughout the course was outstanding.  Having had basic Dog Grooming experience gave me an insight into the Grooming process but I soon realised FCL’s expertise was going to get me to a professional standard.
I can’t thank them enough for getting me to this point and making me feel proud of the standard of grooms I now achieve.
I would highly recommend FCL to every novice wanting to start out & any qualified groomers who need that extra training to get to a professional standard.
Jackie Beetenson


Jackie Beetenson - FCL In-House Grooming Course

Professional Groomer, October 2021


I have recently successfully completed my training with FCL for the City & Guilds Level 3 Introductory Dog Grooming Course. The teaching from Lee & Martin was excellent and delivered in a way that builds up your confidence positively. Their knowledge and skills are without doubt first class! If you are thinking about training to be a dog groomer providing high standards of excellence, you need look no further than Furst Class Lounge.


Trish Boyd-Wilson

Professional Dog Groomer & Business Owner, EDGE - Elite Dog Grooming Experience


FURST CLASS LOUNGE certainly live up to their name. 5 stars are just not enough when it comes to reviewing and recommending this company. If you’re looking for a professional dog grooming salon or looking at becoming qualified yourself in the grooming world then this is most definitely the place to attend. Having decided to attend FURST Class Lounge myself to obtain a City & Guilds qualification I cannot thank Lee & Martin (owners) enough for sharing their expertise and knowledge as they were able to provide me with the skills and confidence to then be able to open my own successful business. The facilities on offer at FURST Class Lounge are superb. There is a fully stocked retail shop selling all things doggy from dog treats to bedding and leads, an amazing salon with very experienced groomers all trained to Lee & Martins impeccably high standards and also a gold award-winning grooming school. This is where anyone who wants to learn and become qualified as a dog groomer can feel relaxed but confident that they are being taught by the best in the business. I would like to say a HUGE HUGE thanks again to Lee & Martin who have enabled myself to truly love what I do on a daily basis, I am so lucky to have many fabulous customers and owe my own success to Lee & Martin for being so supportive and truly FURST CLASS xxxxx


Lou Dunn

Professional Groomer & Business Owner, Fido and Pooch


I feel very lucky and privileged to have trained to become a professional dog groomer at Furst Class Lounge. The training was absolutely fantastic and really gave me the confidence and skill set to be able to set up my own successful business. Lee and Martin are exceptional groomers and trainers, they are clear, supportive, caring and very friendly. The training environment they have created is wonderful – so clean, calm and inspiring. Thank you, Lee & Martin, for your care, your support and for enabling me to have the knowledge and skills to progress in my career. Lucy @ Devonshire Dog Spa xx


Lucy Dods

Professional Groomer & Business Owner, Devonshire Dog Spa

Vicky Etherington, OCN LEVEL 3 DOG GROOMING DIPLOMA (February 2020)

I was referred to Furst Class Lounge via a Dog Grooming Friend as I wanted to become a qualified dog groomer myself and set up my own business. Martin, Lee, Chloe, Alyssa & Megan are fabulous! The training they offer in conjunction with Heavenlyz was perfect and they offer different training qualifications to suit everyone’s needs. The training is very flexible around you, but it is also very hands-on, professional and you are well supervised at all times but in a very relaxed way that you don’t feel pressured when being observed; whilst you are grooming a dog. The feedback & criticism they give you on your grooming technique and the overall good is very constructive and explained very well and they offer alternative ideas or ways to help you if you are struggling or need any further help. I love the high standards they set for the groom, saloon & animal welfare and I will take these standards and implement them within my business. Definitely recommend this business for training or for your dog to be groomed. You and your beloved dog are in safe hands. Thanks, FCL x


Vicky Etherington

Professional Groomer & Business Owner


I recently achieved my OCN level 3 qualification in dog grooming at FCL. From the very first moment I visited the salon, I knew it was the perfect training school. I was blown away by Lee and Martin and their beautiful salon and training school. The whole team were so welcoming, friendly and professional. I immediately signed up with them to complete my course and qualification. I also loved the fact, I was able to complete my training flexibly to fit in with my work & family commitments. The training I received was outstanding. 5 stars, just don’t give it the credit it deserves. Lee, Martin and the whole teams are incredibly talented dog groomers and trainers. They train you to such a high standard, in such a positive, calm, relaxed way that helps you grow in confidence. I highly recommend FCL to anyone considering a career in dog grooming. It really is the best training school there is. I am forever thankful to Lee & Martin for giving me the skills and confidence needed to set up my own dog grooming business and achieve my dreams. Thank you so much xx Claire xxxx


Claire Coleyshaw

Professional Groomer & Business Owner


I recently completed my OCN Level 3 qualification with the team at Furst Class Lounge and I loved every minute of my training. Not only was I welcomed into the fold and shown kindness and respect, I was also given an insight into the behind the scenes workings of a very busy grooming salon. From my first day, I was blown away by the level of cleanliness and the daily cleaning routine. Nothing goes unnoticed and the welfare of the dogs and groomers is so obviously paramount. The attention to detail of how to use equipment safely and effectively was second to non and I know this will stay with me during my new career. As a brand new groomer, I was shown such patience throughout and this helped my confidence to grow. From the first time I bathed someone else’s dog (oh the pressure) and the first heart stopping moment I put the clipper on the neck of a real dog, to the moment the clock stopped at the end of my assessment. I never felt alone, there was always someone there to encourage and guide me, and always advice on the most effective and safest way of doing something. I was encouraged to shine, be creative and to have confidence in my own ability. My confidence grew hour by hour! As I start my own grooming business, I will remain forever grateful to Martin, Lee, Chloe, Alyssia, Megan and of course Pip. Each of you taught me something extraordinary about dog grooming and myself and there will be a little piece of each of you in every dog I groom. So thank you all. I know we will keep in touch as I grow my own business because there is always something to learn and more questions to ask! Your kind offer of continued support goes to show how much you care about your students and the grooming profession as a whole. To anyone thinking of training at FCL, do not hesitate! Sign up, listen, learn, be brave and enjoy an amazing journey!


Michelle Lazar

Professional Groomer & Business Owner

Gail Day, OCN FCL In-House Grooming Course

I would definitely recommend Furst Class Lounge for anyone thinking of starting a career in dog grooming. There are different options to take so they have something to suit everyone. The training is very thorough and to a very high standard with fantastic support throughout from Lee, Martin and the girls. Thank you for all your help.


Gail Day

Professional Groomer