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Autumn/Winter 2020


Normal Hours of Service


Normal Opening Hours

Tuesday to Saturday – 10 am to 6 pm

Sunday & Monday CLOSED


Because health and the safeguarding of dogs are the heart of everything we do at FCL, your dog is always regarding as one of our own.

Our world-class, advanced technical hair and skin treatments are applied at no extra cost, including  Whitening and Cleansing Facial Scrubs, Paw & Nose Balm, Speciality Shampoos and Restorative Spa Treatments, professionally applied using the incomparable HydroBath-Pro for effective and hygienic cleansing.

Its all part of the FCL Experience driven by our passion for the wellbeing of dogs and to be the best!



In 2009 we were very fortunate to adopt Betsy our Boston Terrier from Chesterfield RSPCA and shortly after Pippa our Miniature Schnauzer. We took care of all their needs with a passion. When it came to finding a grooming salon for them, we didn’t feel quite so lucky.

We were looking for an inviting, clean, modern salon where the groomers were qualified to a high standard and somewhere we felt very comfortable leaving our dogs. We were looking for a first-class grooming salon where the welfare of dogs was a priority but we soon gathered that even second class was difficult to find.

We became aware in our search that there was a genuine need for something special, so we decided to create just that ourselves. Through hard work and dedication and years of working on our skills and training from our home-based salon and coming runner up in the prestigious Grooming salon of the Year Awards in 2012, we opened our purpose designed luxury spa salon and shop in October 2013. One year later we wanted to ensure that future groomers were working to the same high standards. So we became a Professional Dog Grooming Training Centre, delivering City & Guilds and Open Colledge Network qualifications, in association with Heavenlyz Training Services.

In 2016 we became part of the few elite grooming salons to be awarded the Grooming Gold Standard by SAI Global Independent Auditors.

In August 2016 we were excited to be contacted by a Chanel 5 TV producer to discuss our taking part in the shows versus challenge with presenters Ortis & Amy. The show aired on the 28th of October 2016.

FCL is proud to deliver Grooming and Training Services to thousands of loyal customers from across the UK. We very much look forward to welcoming you to our FCL Grooming family.

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