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Making your First Appointment



FCL offers a free consultation where you and your dog can meet us for the first time and have a look & sniff around. We can advise you on how to best take care of your dog’s coat and skin for optimal condition, discuss styling options, and give you an accurate price for grooming before making your first appointment. We think it is essential to know where your dog is going for their grooming needs so that you and your dog feel completely comfortable and reassured, and we want you to know that your dog is in experienced, caring and qualified hands.
If your dog requires little grooming and styling work, we can arrange the consultation at the same time as your appointment. For those needing a full groom and style, a consultation allows us to plan and give your pet the individual care, time and attention your pet needs. If the coat has some mats and tangles to deal with, we can then incorporate extra time into the session without disrupting our next customer appointment.
If your pet’s coat is heavily or severely matted or felted, it would be helpful for you to read our Terms and Conditions of Service before contacting us regarding your dog’s coat being in reasonable condition for grooming.

For Consultations and Appointments Please Call us on

01246 453545

Tuesday to Saturday 10.00 – 4.30

A Professional Team

A Professional Team

Our experienced Groomers, expertly trained by salon owners Lee and Martin, are Qualified, Diploma Standard and Hold Animal First Aid Certificates. But most importantly, our groomers are individually selected for demonstrating their exceptional caring qualities and creative skills.